Why the World is Interested in Ancient Studies!

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Environmentally Friendly, Healing, Invigorating – Ancient Studies.

It’s all about removing stagnant energy.

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Why are people interested in olde world studies feng shui – vaastu? CLICK HERE to read a free short ebook on the subject.

Ancient traditions were once specific to ones culture, but over the last sixty years, these ancient studies have found worldwide application in all aspects of architecture.

The sacred studies of Feng Shui in China, Vaastu in India and geomancy elsewhere have for millennia mapped the path of the Earth’s subtle energies. They have endeavored to bring harmony and well-being to people, buildings and the environment. In contrast to the antiquity of the sacred studies, modern scientific study of the Earth’s energies is in its infancy.

Interest has spread with the realization that our environments are more toxic in both land and buildings and are suffering from geopathic stress.

Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui are sacred, mysterious studies. They aim to create a healthier environment by balancing the flow of positive and negative energies.

As the age of Earth indicates, ‘all’ disintegrates … into unforeseen energy except for stone, rock, metal as anything  (synthetic) created by man disappears and only the materials of the earth remain for humans to dissect and resolve the mysteries. If the structures were not of stone, we would have no history to relate to… one of archaeologists’ greatest mysteries. The tablets, stone walls and their scripts have helped us solve many unknowns from ancient times … as Master’s and Sages tried to dissect the path of the mystical movement of energy.

A short free ebook… Why is the World Interested in Ancient Studies for your enjoyment… Enjoy and share with your friends who also have interest in these sacred studies that indicate that changes within your environment impact your moods, health and lifestyles.


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