Summer Reading Enjoyment!

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Relax and enjoy a variety of ‘summer reading’ …

Novels Hot-Walker (crime sport novel following Canadian Horse Racing in the 1960s) and House of the Caduceus (mystery adventure during construction havoc of a healing retreat in Zeballos, British Columbia) are both action packed mystery, crime books inspired by true events. For more information and a look at videos for each of these books… follow this link Novel Videos to review.

Non Fiction readers will enjoy sacred studies from Eastern cultures in Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home  and Fun Schway Interiors  North American Feng Shui that provide knowledgeable solutions from China and India. A perfect gift for any spiritual individual would be a Fun Schway Journal to keep a record of your positive and negative insights. For more information, take a look at a video for each book, click on the NonFiction Videos and review each one.

summer reading
Variety of books for summer reading

Photography fans will appreciate the uniqueness of The Laundry Art Book with pictures from around the world of ‘personal wear’ displayed for all to see with whimsical captions; and the Graveyard Autos book from the sunshine coast near Sechelt, BC where dozens of classic cars hide amongst the forest (1930s-1960 autos). For a quick peak, take a look at a short video of each book at Photography Videos and review.

Books are available in print or ebook or delivered right to your door when purchased online. Take a few minutes and review the variety of readings… for today, for friends or future gifts.

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