Special Feng Shui Gifts

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Maintaining Balance with Feng Shui Gifts

cleanse the air bell
Feng Shui Bell
Pa Kua compass
Feng Shui Traditional Compass







Enhancing your home with special Feng Shui accessories, music, games, books etc may remove those unwanted negative energies from unwanted visitors, accidents, mishaps, unexpected arguments etc.

Fun Schway Candle
Feng Shui Canada
romance area mandarin
Decorative Feng Shui Mandarins
Feng Shui Book
Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home Book








Enjoy viewing my pages of unique favourite Feng Shui items that you can add to your room, or give to special people who care about maintaining balance and living in harmony with their environment.

Feng Shui Journal Diary
Fun Schway Journal Maintaining Balance Feng Shui
 Feng ShuiMusic
Feng Shui Music – Serenity








An amazing list of Music for serenity, calm and cleansing the environment is shown for your viewing in my favourite Feng Shui Gifts. There are some items that  ‘talk’ to you and you will feel an attraction to them because of colour, texture or appearance. These are the special ones and calling for your attention.
Remember to ring a bell or add an element to a sector (wood in SE; crystal in NE; metal in W) for enhancement.
By focusing on your environment and which elements enhance each sector, you will feel a shift in the room’s energy. Always light a candle when feeling anxious or in need of change. It’s a fact of life… change the energy and change your life. Take a moment and view my ‘Favourite List’ of Feng Shui Accessories. You may find a book or Feng Shui gift for your own space. It’s all about maintaining balance and living in harmony with the environment.

My favourite feng shui
Feng Shui Gift List
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