How to Space Cleanse your home and office.

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  Why to Space Cleanse your area…..

Feng Shui earth element
A black round stone representing earth/water.

Why Cleanse?
First, let’s take a look at some background. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the North American population was exposed to large numbers of new technologies, new toys, new home decorating products and had more disposable income than ever before. The ‘uncluttered home’ of the past became filled with ‘things’. The more ‘things’ the more off-gassing from products, which caused the depletion of natural resources -elements. As more products became available, the less natural products were used in the manufacturing, and synthetics took over as we became the ‘plastic’ planet. Eventually, less spare time became available to organize these possessions resulting in a cluttered, unhealthy environment, which causes poor health.

This new millennium demands new ways of looking at this issue and overcoming the complaints of the day… headaches, stress, disorder, pain, feeling drained and tired. When products in the office and home produce ill effects, it is time to analyze your surroundings and be aware of changes. It is a known fact that changes within our environment impact our mood, health and lifestyle.

EMF (electromagnetic fields), both positive and negative energies, flow freely in a healthy and prosperous environment. It is all about seeking and maintaining balance, and then keeping it.

Purpose of Space Cleansing

  • To make healthy corrections to our surroundings, which affect our career, wealth, creativity, health and relationships. 
  • To remove negative energy and fill the space with universal positive energy.
  • To enhance your home and office with a sense of overall well-being and prosperity.
  • To produce a feeling of continuity and balance.
  • To create a space where you are productive.
  • To remove negative energy and fill the space with universal positive energy.
  • To create ‘environmentally friendly interiors’ – to feel revitalized, creative, rested, self confident and motivate

When to space cleanse.

Positive energy (chi) should gently circulate around a room like a meandering stream. Too much clutter changes the flow of healthy ‘ch’i energy into negative ‘sha chi’ energy.
As ‘needless and unwanted’ things are released and removed, (just like unwanted burdens, the load gets lighter) a new clarity is realized… an energized space. If there is no room for the ‘new’ to enter into your life, then the ‘old’ dominates and accumulates until an unhealthy environment develops. Old baggage just keeps piling up.

The time to space cleanse is when you need ‘correction’ in the areas of Career, Health, Relationships, Creativity and Wealth.
The cleansing process revitalizes you and the space.

How to Space Cleanse.

Get a pencil and answer the following (honestly). areas of career, health, relationships, creativity and wealth.

  • Are there any items, shoes lying around the floors? Where? How many and why?
  • Are there boxes and other items that have not been used in several months? What’s in them? How long have they been there? 
  • Is there ‘stuff’ behind doors? What kind of stuff? Why? 
  • Are your closets overfilled? With what?
  • Is there anything stored under the bed? What? For how long?
  • Any clutter in the corners of rooms? What is it and why?
  • Any uncovered laundry baskets or trash cans exposing negative energy? Where? (It could be in your romance area.)
  • Are there loose papers scattered on tables, floors or furniture? Why?
  • Any ‘things around you that you don’t need, use or love? Why?
  • Are ALL table and counter surfaces 50% clear of ‘things’?
  • Is there anything cracked, damaged or broken? What and where are they?
  • Are there any stale aromas? odours?


To start, select a closet, first.
Always record your answers by writing them down to observe the positive and negatives.
Before starting, state your first impression of this space.

How does the space make you feel?

Play music. (Sound is required at ‘space cleansing’ time and it should be something that inspires you. music you love.

Keep a record of what music you played.


Prepare a Space Cleansing Kit of your own.

You need all the natural 5 elements in your presence (sample idea) that is, one of each.

  • Fire – candle, pyramid, or red silk fabric
  • Metal – round white plate, coins, chain or metal cup
  • Earth – pottery, granite or crystal, sand, stones
  • Water – salted (ocean, lake or pure water is best) in clear glass
  • Wood – bowl, twigs, cork or a plant
  1. Begin light the candle…
  2. Pour the salted or pure water into the bowl, do not cover.
  3. Play your favourite music.
  4. Remove everything from the closet.

  • Put ALL items into four different priority piles.
  • things you like/need and will keep
  • items you need for later but are not using
  • things you love but are finished with – give away items
  • things to dispose – throw out 
  • Identify each item and sort as follows:
  • a.) things you use  b.) things you need, now or later  c.) things you love
  • Throw away everything damaged, cracked or broken.

If you haven’t used an item in the past ‘six months’, then it probably should be in the ‘dispose pile. It is taking up the ‘what-if’ space and accumulating ‘old’ stagnant energies.

  • Have a bell to ‘ring’ to stir things up, shake up stale energies, especially in corners.
  • Do a thorough dusting and vacuuming of the space to rid everything negative.
  • Wash down the walls.
  • Make any required repairs to the damaged areas within the space.
  • If a stronger correction is required, then paint the space in an ‘enhancing’ color in latex paint.
  1. All hangers should match in a closet and be the same type (all wood, or same color leaving 10% empty for ‘new’ items/situations.
  2. Put back only the things that are used, needed or loved… in an organized fashion.
  3. Place items together in ‘color’ sections.
  4. Nothing is to be left on the floor… shoes on racks, in boxes or placed on shelves.
  5. Always have empty hangers and open space (ready to accept ‘new’).
  6. Add natural fragrance OR eucalyptus.
  7. Light fixture must always be in good repair. Ceiling should be white.
  8. For Maximum Correction….

It is vital to your health to consider the removal of all off-gassing plastics, synthetics, materials and products containing volatile chemicals. (Especially in children’s rooms.)

Everything should appear spacious,
Not crowded or cramped.

List three areas in your home where you spend the majority of your time.

bedroom stay 8 hours
kitchen time 4 hours
home office work 6 hours

Element Enhancement

Your three areas (that you have selected) are the rooms you should apply enhancements and/or controls, new furniture realignment, color analysis, and accessorize after a complete space cleansing.

symbols of feng shui shapes

Results: following your cleanse, you will sense a new feeling of being

  • Motivated
  • Clear-headed
  • Less burdened
  • Revitalized
  • Rested and relaxed
  • Healthier
  • Balanced
  • Content
  • Focused
  • Cheerful and upbeat
  • Positive attitude
  • Rested and sleep better
  • Independent
  • Self-confident
  • Behavioural changes
  • Removed energy blocks

Everything will seem newer, brighter or just different. A sense of well-being Ready to conquer life’s challenges, again.

You will achieve the best results by observing and developing the ability to survive and thrive with nature’ by removing negative energy, and by giving room for universal, positive energy.

Nature is a delicate balance of all elements constantly interacting with each other in a continuous cycle of creation.
“Go with the flow” and live in harmony with your environment.

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