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Sunshine Coast Timberframe Waterfront Home Project Gallery.

  • Sunshine Coast BC Project Gallery
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  • Sunshine Coast Entry gate Project Gallery
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  • Sunshine Coast Entry gate Project Gallery
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  • Sunshine Coast BC View Property
  • Glass Puddle-Table
  • Poolside Seating
  • Ocean Waterview overlooking pool.
  • Close up tabletop water-pebble glass Project Gallery

I – Project Gallery – A total of six years to complete this unique timberframe waterfront home project situated on the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada. A collaboration of Mallory’s Design & Clark Hamilton Enterprises created the feng shui masterpiece.
From the smallest of details, a story unfolded and developed into a magnificent structure filled with competent artisans and amazing design.
It’s a story about a Vancouver couple who were in the midst of construction and became overwhelmed with the size of the project and its numerous decision-making requests. Since the project had shifted from a positive experience to something more negative, I soon learned that the ‘earth-energy’ couple was building a timberframe home. The solid wood structure would suppress any positive energy as ‘wood’ controls or dominates ‘earth’.
The answer was to bring ‘metal’ energy into the scenario as metal-energy reduces the strength of wood-energy. This solution improved the overall feeling within the structure and altered the ridged lines with metal-enhancing elements, such as … using round shapes; pastel-white colours and metal items.
The need for earth elements was required as well, such as eliminating wood floors and consider using more t
ile/slate/granite and stone wherever possible.

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