NEW RELEASE… The Laundry Art Book (photo book)

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My new book on travel, sites, colour, humour, fashion are all apart of .. a different point of view, regarding the cleansing of negative energy.

The photos taken in The Laundry Art Book are from all around the world where I found people hanging out their delicates for all to see. Their personals tell all about them, who they are, what they work at, what they like, their fashion sense, their passion for colour and status in life.

The beauty in dirty laundry, with its vibrant colours flying in the breeze enhances the landscape and removes the negative energy of the area, no different than flags. A form of cleaning the clutter from a bad day by letting the sun, wind and rain wash away and renew, in the view of starting anew… fresh day.

It’s all about fun. Stepping outside the box. Beauty is everywhere.

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