Kitchen Island – Feng Shui

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Amazing Kitchen Island!

The kitchen is noted as the heart of the home.
The ‘heart and soul’ is located in the ‘earth’ energy centre of the room. The island is found in the centre of the kitchen which is a room filled with negative energy from sharp corners/edges, boiling water, cutlery/knives (poison arrows), fire elements, garbage, mishaps….
This erratic energy needs to be calmed to attract positive energy by slowing down the path and remove the clutter creating a meandering clean surface.

Negative aspects of a kitchen island:

straight lines
sharp corners/edges
lack of storage
crowded seating or no seating
items, plates, cutlery, books, papers left on the surface
loose hardware, doors, drawers
cracked, damaged or broken items
shallow drawers or no drawers
stove/cooktop ‘fire’ elements installed
large water-energy items (dishwasher/sinks)
old food items (over 3 months)
unused items creates stagnant energy

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Feng Shui is about curves, meandering paths, 5 natural elements (wood, earth, fire, water, metal) kept in balance with corresponding shapes and colours. The importance of maintaining balance in the kitchen is for good health, reduce mishaps and encourage positive energy. We have grown up with the impression that the kitchen is a place for nurturing and the island helps protect the negative from spreading if the concepts are correctly enhanced. It is a preparation area and when not in use for this, it should be kept clear, free from clutter.


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