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What a better way to record the positive and negative of your day than in Feng Shui Journals entitled Fun Schway Journal Maintaining Balance  . By keeping a notebook of your personal journey by date, you will become familiar with the repetitive ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses and path to maintaining a balance lifestyle without all the clutter. Book Trailer of Fun Schway Journal.

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Fun Schway Journal - Feng Shui Diary
Personal Feng Shui Journal notebook.

Photo books

Photo Books from my travels around the world in the artful form of laundry art. This is a colourful artform that brings a smile to many faces. Around the world people of all lifestyles hang their personals and delicates outside for all to see, for the ran to cleanse, the wind to dry and the sun to bleach away the negative energies of their day. Natures hidden secrets offer protection and bring forth positive energy for a fresh new day.
Photographs are from China, India, Greece, Europe, Mexico, Alfrico, USA, England, Macau, Canada and Malta. The Photo books that bring the idea of ‘living in balance with the environment’ into a whole new concept.
Photo Books: The Art of Laundry Hang-ups

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Photography the art of laundry hang-ups. Mallory Neeve Wilkins
Photography The Art of Laundry Hang-ups Available online.

Photo Books: Graveyard Autos – Hardcover Book
Treasures of heavy metals, relics of family vehicles, hot rods and work trucks are heaped into piles of debri in the big fir forests on the sunshine coast near the town of Sechelt. It appears as if the location was a dumping ground for old vehicles, perhaps a wrecking yard. But, why so deep into the woods without road access. The cars and trucks from the 1930s – 1950s are neglected gems that rusted and buried within natures debri of moss, weeds and fallen timbers, which create difficulty in finding them. ‘Graveyard Autos’ from the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada.

Book Trailer for Graveyard Autos

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Photography from Sunshine Coast BC Canada

Photo books: Laundry Art Books – Hardcover Book
Book Trailer for the Laundry Art Book

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Photo Book: The Laundry Art Photography Book
Photography Book: The Laundry Art Book in Hardcover. Photos from around the world.