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Interior Design Books 

Author Mallory Neeve Wilkins  interior design books are now available in print and ebook online. ‘Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home’ and  ‘Fun Schway Interiors,’ – These Design Books are a wonderful reference and how-to books for all business and homeowners in regards to the interior and exterior of a building.
Book Trailer for Ancient Secrets.

These informative design books explain the ancient art of living in harmony with the environment in an effort to create a sense of well-being. The secrets of the ancient masters and their age-olde calculations for attracting positive energy into your life are recommended reading when corrections are needed to change the energy from negative to positive. They offer simple applications to enhance one’s life and environment.
Book Trailer for Fun Schway Interiors.

Over 300 helpful hints and tips to improve and make corrections in the areas (aspirations) of career, health, prosperity and recognition. Other sectors are relationships, creativity, friendships and family. The sacred studies of the masters and sages are presented for your viewing in the design books as the traditional compass school is their only true, authentic study – Feng Shui (China) and Vaastu Shastra (India).

Reference Book
Reference Book: Fun Schway Interiors – 2nd edition
Feng Shui Book Fun Schway Series
Reference Book How-to Ancient Secrets
Feng Shui Reference Book -
Fun Schway the North American way – 1st edition












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