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Feng Shui Small Space
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Feng Shui can Enhance Small Spaces.

Real Estate is skyrocketing… again. Prices are on another 10 year cycle of climbing and crashing and the more this happens, owners look for alternatives. Today, smaller and smaller accommodations are on the rise. Downsizing is becoming ridiculous as 400 sq ft becomes the norm for studios and bachelor apartments, which are attracting students, retirees, single city dwellers, etc. What must be considered, to create a space that includes all your needs, is a ‘personal’ list of your needs before the move.

  1. Cooking facilities
  2. Sleeping accommodations
  3. Laundry needs
  4. Bathroom – shower or tub? Storage? Lighting?
  5. Closet areas
  6. Dining/entertaining
  7. Comfortable Seating
  8. Media area
  9. Balcony, deck or garden
  10. Workspace/desk computer
  11. Storage – books, collectibles, travel memorabilia
  12. Dressers – clothes storage, footwear, seasonal needs

By concentrating on your personal needs, the change can be achieved with complementary colours, shapes and materials to transform a single small space into a home that you will be pleased to entertain and live in.

Small spaces often present the opportunity to ‘get out more’ and stay healthy by living in a healthier environment. Good fun schway!
It is a known fact that change and moving has always been a challenge, but it can be fun to be creative, start over and rethink what’s important. It’s about how you feel regarding the whole experience. Make a visual plan, it can work!

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Feng Shui ideas for small spaces
Ideas for ‘Small Space’ Interior Design Book – Feng Shui 


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