“House of the Caduceus” ANNOUNCEMENT

Mystery Novel: House of the Caduceus ~ Mallory Neeve Wilkins

 “House of the Caduceus”

The Mystical & Tragic Events of Building the
House of the Caduceus ~ now available online.

ISBN 978 1483509488

 A mystery novel – High in the mountains near Zeballos  Vancouver Island, one of  Canada’s most difficult and  dangerous  construction feats develop when a group of  young professionals  encounter a dynamic meeting of Eastern  and Western cultures.  The mystical movement of energy affects their mood, health and  lifestyle when they  struggle to complete the complex healing-retreat project as  the kundalini secret  causes havoc and a perplexing phenomenon .

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During my years working in the design/build industry, I experienced several unusual and unexplainable happenings. Originally from Toronto, my move to the Pacific west coast encouraged further study of Feng Shui & Vaastu, which brought about new clients with an interest in these ancient studies.

Vancouver Island is a mystical place, especially as you move north from the provincial capital, Victoria. Here, on the west coast, the energy resonates on a different wave length, which is felt by most visitors, particularly near the gold rush town of Zeballos amongst all its ruins and vacated gold mines.

As numerous clients and friends requested information and statistics regarding the construction of houses incorporating these ancient secrets, House of the Caduceus provides the facts, means and know-how. From an empty piece of land, the story unfolds with reference to unseen energies that affect one’s mood, health and lifestyle – during its design and construction.

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