Graveyard Autos 2017 Calendar

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3rd edition (Mallory Neeve Wilkins) CLICK HERE  For more information ‘Authors Spotlight’

Graveyard Autos 2017 Calendar
2017 calendar photography C

A unique collection 2017 calendar of ‘graveyard’ vehicles/autos found on the Pacific west coast in the big fir forest on the Sunshine coast.
Most autos found were from 1930-1960. They were dumped years ago into a wrecking yard situation within the forest without any current road access, the trip to view becomes quite an adventure. There are not many treasures left, as tourists and local residents have pretty well cleaned up the trinkets. Photographs of the area and the cars/trucks are collected and displayed in a year calendar as well in a mini hardcover collectible book. These are both available online for your viewing and purchase.

While working in the Sechelt area, a day of hiking and searching for these treasures turned up over 60 classic vehicles left to rot in a nearby forest, soon to be demolished under lumber contracts. This area had always been talked about, but never found as the overgrowth since the 1960s has made it near impossible to locate. It is an amazing adventure to seek out and find the remains of oversize chrome bumpers, white wall tire, heavy metal cars from another era left to disappear within the magic of Mother Nature.

HARDCOVER mini BOOK EDITION: Graveyard Autos

mini photography graveyard auto book
Hardcover Photography Book available online CLICK HERE


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