Fun Schway Your Handbag for Prosperity

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Add Prosperity by Space Cleansing your Handbag.

Stop attracting negative energy into your life with that old purse and start to Feng Shui your wealth area.

If you love it, treat it with love because the condition of your bag can affect your lifestyle.
Examine every nook ‘n cranny for wear, damage, broken zippers, etc and realize that if you want ‘more’, there has to be room for ‘more’ to come into your life. If your handbag is full of bills, invoices, receipts, stubs, gum wrappers, old lipstick, business cards and tubes of ‘whatever’, then that is exactly what you will attract into your life – a bunch of debt, and useless items. So… let’s take a close look at moving on, purchasing the magic bag to attract a bit of positive energy into your life. Treat yourself to a new designer bag – you deserve it. Be and act prosperous.

What’s your mood? What style and shape are you attracted to? What is your colour preference?
In traditional Feng Shui, the colour red represents fire – so you don’t want to burn up your wealth luck … only the rich can afford to do that. Blue-Black tones symbolizes career and water energy and your dollars could be drained away quickly. Now, the colour brown-tan tones are a grounding earth colours that symbolize a good way to keep your money safe. Pastel colours, white and grays represents metal energy and could encourage small growth (coins) especially if enhanced with curves and rounded edges. The all time successful Feng Shui wealth-growth colour is green/blue tones and will definitely enhance income opportunities, especially for business orientated people. BUT the purse must be organized, easily to access your items, and free of messy papers.

A wallet should be able to accommodate only one charge card, a debit card, business cards, cash which represents abundance, ID, drivers licence and health card… only items used regularly. Other cards should be kept in another separate holder.  You don’t want to attract debt/negative against your incoming money. A wallet needs room, respect and I advise you to never place it or the handbag on a dirty floor or messy table.

Keys are a tricky item. They represent metal, but also represent  poison arrows by their shape. A good way to control this energy is to have something ‘red’ (fire energy melts or controls metal energy) next or attached to the key ring. Another point to consider, is to have a special, separate compartment or pocket to put them into so they are away from the paper money. Metal cuts wood (control) and you don’t want to attract anything negative near your $$$. Purses with divided compartments are excellent to departmentalize your phone (metal) sun glasses and keys by keeping them organized and independent of your money.

Be respectful of your money by situating it all neatly in its appropriate spot. People who scrunch or toss their money around are unappreciative and will always lack for money. By being aware of how you handle your money, you will notice it has a huge influence and could affect the attraction of positive energy between you, your handbag and your money.

Once you have looked over your contents and considered the handbag/wallet is more than a representation of your lifestyle, keep it tidy, organized and free from clutter. No excess baggage allowed so that everything is easy to reach. Organize your purse every holiday weekend, and then it will always be kept in order and free of negative ‘things’ to attract more $$$ into the wealth sector of your life. Good fun schway!

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