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 Mallory Neeve Wilkins’ Book Bio

For over thirty years I have been writing about interior design, feng shui and mystery novels and have listed them on my Bookshelf. This has been a passion that goes back along time ago. When I was 11, I wrote a novella based on the ‘Spin & Marty’ episodes on the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’. My books are available online for your viewing. My book bio is all about my passion… design consulting & writing with photography as seen on my …instagram-logo

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Mallory’s Design Writes. Feng Shui Design Consultant – Author

Working as a Feng Shui Design Consultant in the design/build industry gave rise to two non fiction books on Interior design book for the many seminars I prepared, and a mystery book, novel, about the construction of a retreat using the ancient art.

A sports crime romance novel captures the essence of growing up in the 1960s and Canadian horse racing, plus two photography books fill my bookshelf.


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