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Feng Shui Basement Renovation

In a world of rising real estate costs, there are a number of interior renovations happening throughout our country to compensate this and the space most considered is the basement renovation. Designing a functional, beautiful apartment or office can increase the value of the home as well as encourage higher rent.

Following the trend of Feng Shui Interior   design where an unused basement can be transformed with complementary colors, shapes and materials, this video   shows the results of a 70s basement renovation that was completely gutted and remodelled. 

When a suite or apartment is being considered in an existing home, whether for family, income or office space, the correct balance of light, color, materials and products can either create a negative or positive energy space. For maintaining prosperity, balance and healthy surroundings, consider the concept of Feng Shui where the flow of energy dictates your mood and productivity.

For any upcoming project or basement renovation, consider an easy read, great ideas, these timeless reference books offer over 300 guidelines and concepts for creating a healthy home filled with positive energy… change your energy and change your life… for the better.

Feng Shui Interior book
Reference Book How-to Online


Feng Shui Book Fun Schway Series
Reference Book How-to online

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