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Author’s Mystery Novels: a brief outline

of my two mystery novels that are now available online in ebook and print. 

Available online Ebook & print from many online sources.
Hot-Walker, Life on the Fast Track
House of the Caduceus

Based on true events … House of the Caduceus: (mystery novel) was written as a request from my clients who wanted to know the facts of how to design, build and construct a home using Feng Shui. To make the  narrative more interesting, what better way to provide the information than in a factual, out of the ordinary layout… as in a novel. The characters, location and plot were selected from experience and documentation to familiarize my readers with situations encountered in such an endeavour.  Various unexpected situations occur during such a venture that create havoc and unexplainable mysteries, but produce a great story with numerous aspects that need to be considered. Book Trailer House of the Caduceus.

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Mystery – House of the Caduceus. Building a feng shui house.











Based on true events … Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track
is a sports crime romance (mystery novel) set in the 1960’s. Inspired by true events and my years growing up in Canadian thoroughbred horse racing environment, my relationships and experience traveling, this mystery novel/story is filled with courtroom drama during the turbulent 1960s in Yorkville village, Toronto. A retro look at a generation of alternative lifestyles.

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Mallory Neeve Wilkins sports crime romance mystery novels
Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track: a sports crime romance novel set in 1960s Yorkville village when Canadian horse racing marked a new generation of alternative lifestyles. A murder trial shocks Toronto community when a grief-stricken young woman mourns for her fiance killed at Woodbine Racetrack. While Hot-Walker Frannie Harrison discovers a life on the fast track, she struggles with on-going sorrow and complicated relationships awaiting trial. Several years pass before Notification of Trial arrives and Frannie returns to Toronto to witness months of courtroom drama that produce haunting and unimaginable evidence.

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Paperback edition.
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