Book Trailer – Ancient Secrets

Book Trailer Ancient Secrets Feng Shui

The ‘Good Luck’ formula is available
for all those interested in removing stagnant energy – Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home book trailer.

Author-Feng Shui Designer Mallory Neeve Wilkins examines ‘Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home’ from the teachings of Feng Shui in China and Vaastu Shastra in India. From sacred studies these countries have mapped the path of the Earth’s subtle energies for millennia, endeavoring to bring harmony and well-being to all people and buildings. It’s a known fact that our environment impacts our moods, health and lifestyle.

The ‘good luck’ formula is available… when your life has been altered, and you feel surrounded by negative energy from poor health, back luck, misfortunes… it is time to examine your environment. Identify any recent changes, mishaps, accidents, unwanted visitors, quarrels or a renovation.

By calculating your best locations using your birth year, you will find out ‘where’ your four best areas are located to work, eat and sleep and also, where your ‘total loss’ area is located that contains negative energy.

A Feng Shui Book with a special feature on ‘career’ and ‘relationship’ enhancements to attract positive energy and good fortune.

The best How-to reference book that everybody should have in their possession.

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Book Trailer Ancient Secrets Feng Shui