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How to Space Cleanse your home and office.

  Why to Space Cleanse your area….. Why Cleanse?First, let’s take a look at some background. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the North American population was exposed to large numbers of new technologies, new toys, new home decorating products and had more disposable income than ever before. The ‘uncluttered home’ of the past became filled with ‘things’. The […]

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Why the World is Interested in Ancient Studies!

Environmentally Friendly, Healing, Invigorating – Ancient Studies. It’s all about removing stagnant energy. Ancient traditions were once specific to ones culture, but over the last sixty years, these ancient studies have found worldwide application in all aspects of architecture. The sacred studies of Feng Shui in China, Vaastu in India and geomancy elsewhere have for […]