Racetrack History – Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track

Horseracing at Greenwood and Woodbine, Toronto: Racetrack History Hot~Walker begins its racetrack ventures in 1965 at Greenwood Racetrack, a horse racing facility in Toronto, inaugurated in 1874 as Woodbine Race Course located at the foot of Woodbine Avenue and Lake Ontario. The novel tells the story of the murder trial of Francine Harrison’s fiance, an American draft dodger, John Mencini who trained thoroughbreds.  Racing has had a […]

Yorkville Village Toronto sets the scene 1960s.

Yorkville Village Toronto’s counter-cultural mecca. In the novel … HOT-WALKER recalls the life and times of a young innocent woman, Frannie Harrison, who sets out to find her own life in the turbulent 1960s where anything goes. Ultimately, she ends up in an area of young people living in one of Toronto’s oldest adjoining villages, YORKVILLE, founded […]

Women Jockeys, Women Heros

Women Jockeys in Canadian Horse Racing  Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track, the sports-crime romance novel, explores the ins-and-outs of thoroughbred racing, including the introduction of Karen Sharp, woman jockey. A sports-romance-crime novel about Life on the Fast Track during the 1960s, and the relationships of  those living in Yorkville and working on the racetrack. Looking back over the […]

Mallory Neeve Wilkins Book and Calendar SALE!!

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