LONDON, 1970s .. Hot-Walker novel has international intrigue!

Escape to London, 1974-75  Following the path of Hot-Walker … a close group of high school friends from the mid 1960s go their separate way following the murder of Francine Harrison’s American fiance, John Mencini, at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. Horse racing and their years together become a distant but haunting memory as she recovers, grieving and […]

West Coast Vanities with mountain-cut backsplash!

Being unique in your bathroom or laundry room renovation can be cutting-edge (literally) when creating new and unique designs. Consider the mountain-cut options for granite, marble or other solid surfaces.  One of my favourite applications when looking for an ‘out of the ordinary’ counter top backsplash is the application of high wall-mount slabs on mirror […]

2014 – Happy New Year

Enjoy the new year…  reading the latest updates with the ‘blog’ on the novel Hot-Walker with its interesting history regarding the novel on horse racing in the 1960’s … setting the stage with background information on Women Jockeys in Canada Blue Bonnets Racetrack, Montreal Yorkville Village Woodbine Racetrack, Toronto Click here: