Book trailer: House of the Caduceus'

‘House of the Caduceus’ youtube  ebook  TRAILER   online…  Mystery novel about the construction of a healing retreatin the mountain region of Zeballos on Vancouver Island. Amazon, Kobo, B&N Nook, etc etc NOW!!!     FOR YOUR VIEWING:     ebook Trailer  click here:

Racetrack history from ‘Hot~Walker’. – Greenwood and Woodbine Racetracks

Hot~Walker begins its racetrack ventures in 1965 at Greenwood Racetrack, a horse racing facility in Toronto, inaugurated in 1874 as Woodbine Race Course at the foot of Woodbine Avenue and Lake Ontario. The novel tells the story of the murder trial of Francine Harrison’s fiance, an American draft dodger, John Mencini who trained thoroughbreds.  Racing has had a long history in the Toronto area. […]

Canadian Horse Racing Novel

Hot~Walker was the original novel, SnoMann, that was written in the 1980s. The manuscript was gathering dust even though it grew from the IBM typewriter to floppy disc to CD and finally reedited and pulled together some 30 years later … feeling safe that the information was not as dangerous today as it once was […]