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GVPL celebrates Local Authors!


Emerging Local Authors Collection

GVPL celebrates local authors! The library has established the Emerging Local Authors Collection to highlight self-published, independent, or small press print works (fiction, poetry, non-fiction) by local authors, for readers of all ages. Mallory Wilkins has 2 books selected for this years viewing.
Each year, April to March, GVPL will showcase books by emerging local authors at the Central Branch. Information about the authors and their books will be featured on this page. The books will also be available to browse and borrow from our online catalogue.
Starting October 1, 2015, we will be accepting applications for the 2016-17 Collection.
Questions? Contact the Emerging Local Authors Collection Office at

Mallory’s two books being Showcased April, 2015 at the Greater Victoria Public Library
1. Mystery Novel: House of the Caduceus (fiction)
2. Reference: Ancient Secrets for a Healthy

Sacred Mysteries from Vaastu Shastra-Feng Shui

Sacred Mysteries from Vaastu Shastra-Feng Shui Home         (non fiction)

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House of the Caduceus     Mystery Novel





Kitchen Storage Enhancement & Design


Kitchen with creative design elements.

Updating or ‘creating new’ interior design within the area of kitchen space needs to be thought-out carefully to make sure all the functions you require are attainable. Suggestions to consider would be….
1.  Counterspace… feng shui suggests a total of 12 workable linear feet within the kitchen workspace.
2.  Eating area… always a bonus for reading cookbooks, newspaper, eating lunch etc.
3.  Islands… a must to have an ‘earth’ element in the centre of the space. Examples –  granite, marble, quartz, concrete etc surfaces, but not necessary for the surrounding countertop surfaces.
4.  Wall units created with design interest; some higher than others. This slows down the flow of energy as straight lines tend to speed up the energy flow (long hallways) while ch’i needs to meander.
5.  Create design interest with a mix of open space within the wall unit – cabinets with glazing (visual); a different accent colour trim and undercabinet lighting.
6.  Storage created with a mix of drawers and doors. For a tight budget, consider a single door base unit over a stack of 4 drawers to save $$$. Larger drawers up to 36″ wide are a popular choice for a larger budget.
7.  Water elements should stay together. Sink & dishwasher in the island for easier plumbing & expenses.
8.  Limited space can accommodate an island 27″ wide, but a recommended 36″ width is preferable.
9.  The ultimate number in feng shui design is 9 (total of the numbers into a single digit, ie. 27 would be 2+7=9)
10. The best return on your dollar is in kitchen design & updates, an investment to increase the value of your home.

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Interior Design ‘Refurbish or Delete’ Items


bicycle vanity



When the weather keeps you inside, think about your space and consider how to give your home a new look. A problem for most homeowners is the clearing out and making space for new items. If you have a close attachment to items and find it difficult to downsize, it could turn into a problem, especially when it comes time in your life when this is something you must do. No one wants to know that the task of ‘cleansing’ was left to another, and then learn that your favourite things were just tossed aside or put into the donation bin, which can be heartbreaking. To solve this dilemma, do the job yourself, today and not tomorrow.
recycle books

Recycle your books, furniture, fabrics, lamps, mirrors, etc.
It does take a little imagination, but magazines, friends and the internet offer amazing ideas. If your projects aren’t fun, professional and filled with positive energy, then the recycle/refurbish item should be removed and the space cleansed. Less is best. Opening up your space is like removing old baggage; cleansing the past of negative energy. The home is the largest single investment made by 94% of all Canadians, and Americans. Keeping it updated is your personal greatest investment. Consider adding a bit of whimsy…

Check out my book  ‘Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home’ and add some magic to your home and garden.

Sacred Mysteries from Vaastu Shastra-Feng Shui

Sacred Mysteries from Vaastu Shastra-Feng Shui

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Happy Solstice, Holiday, Seasonal and Merry Christmas Wishes


As this year ends with the shortest day of darkness, we head into the new year with longer and brighter days. It’s time to ponder on the previous months, where we are headed and what we want to accomplish in the days to come. We remember the good times along with the bad as it is a learning process… celebrate your journey.

Creating new spaces, changing your environment and cleansing-out the old for new to enter is all part of attracting positive energy into your life, which means healthier surroundings.
Remove all cracked, broken and damaged items from your rooms.
Enjoy the sunlight and walk in the outdoors.
Pay attention to nature and love your surroundings.
It’s all about living in harmony with your environment.
I wish to thank all those who have followed, enjoyed and been part of my journey… my pilgrimage!

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Victoria BC… Meet the Authors


Meet Victoria’s Writers at:

Authors’ Afternoon
2 to 5 p.m., November 15, 2014
Central Library meeting room,
735 Broughton Street
Victoria Writers Society’s

Come out and meet the Author … November 15, 2014 

Mallory Neeve Wilkins

Mallory Neeve Wilkins thumb born in Toronto and currently living on the Pacific west  coast. An avid Writer, Photographer, Feng Shui Interior  Designer who enjoys traveling, curling, reading, hiking  and is a mother of 2. Author of non fiction and  mystery books, as well as a sports-crime-romance novel,  entitled Hot-walker, Life on the Fast Track (coming  soon to ebook) and a collection of fun Photobooks.
Books on display will be…
Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home (non-fiction)
The Laundry Art Book and calendar (photography)
Graveyard Autos and calendar (photography)
Hot Walker, Life on the Fast Track (sports-crime novel)
Enjoy this Free Book with each purchase:  Fun Schway, the North American way(reference non-fiction) or Fun Schway, the Kundalini way (mystery novel)


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Following 30 years of writing articles and seminar tutorials incorporating the wisdom of sacred studies and a rising interest in environmental issues, Mallory collaborated her teachings into several books… non-fiction and fiction, for our enjoyment… from Barnes & Noble books.
ALSO VIEW …. my Photography ‘Interest’ Books

The  Laundry Art Book
The Laundry A…
Photo book
Graveyard  Autos
Graveyard Autos
By Mallory Neeve Wilkins

Photo book


Sacred Mysteries from Vaastu Shastra-Feng Shui

Sacred Mysteries from Vaastu Shastra-Feng Shui


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For the last sixty years, ancient studies have found worldwide application in all aspects of architecture and interior design with the aim to create healthier environments and homes by balancing the flow of positive and negative energies.

Vaastu Shastra, the India study of energy within the environment, and Feng Shui from China are the ancient art of living in harmony with the environment.

I decided to write this book, and put onto paper all the mysteries and secrets I had been practising in my design business for the past thirty years for all to learn, for all to understand and know that these studies have for millennia mapped the path of the Earth’s subtle energies, endeavoring to bring harmony and well-being to people, buildings and the environment.

Why is the world interested in ancient studies?

The purpose of the ancient China and India studies was to identify instability and create a calm, healthy, harmonious environment for our well-being where the mind, body and spirit become balanced with universal energy.

The world today, as we see it through electronic devices and no longer newspapers, is bursting with new inventions on a daily basis. The materialistic ways of the West are becoming common everywhere and turning lifestyles into a state of chaos.  People are searching for a sense of calm, a peacefulness that will ward off rare illnesses and diseases. The daily chatter of an active mind now dominates every minute of every hour. Times of rest and self-relaxation are few and far between, with no energy left for contemplation.

The time once spent listening to nature is almost non-existent. There is no time to focus on the meditation of following the inhale and exhale of our own breath with sudden stops for enlightenment, which the sages did to obtain their wisdom. The study of Patanjali aphorisms is almost non-existent compared to a few centuries ago. Ironically, the West is seeking insight from the East, while the East is turning to materialism.

The spread of ancient studies for harmony and balance is taken very seriously by architects and designers around the world. They wish to create healthy buildings and a renewed lifestyle free of multi-tasking. Stress is caused by an overactive mind lacking a harmonious environment. Outside space must be calm so that the body can rest and absorb the healing flow of the cosmic energies. Harmony with nature both inside and outside ourselves can be attained by learning to have what we need and nothing more. Greed is the ego of desire. Let go and be cleansed. The ancients said the less you had, the less you had to worry about, so that you could fill yourself with knowledge, wisdom and harmonious energies while in a relaxing atmosphere.

These practices offer ways and means to focus on yourself. By reducing your activities, you have time to learn how you ‘feel’ about things, places and people. Take some quality time and focus on yourself. Notice how you react to certain people, colors, shapes, places, foods, and other items. Ask yourself if you like them or not. Would you change them if you could? It is about the need for a calm, uncluttered space to quiet the mind and talk back to the constant chatter of intrusions. Tell them to ‘Take a hike!’ It’s quiet time!

Creating a home for the soul, your true self is the goal of these ancient studies. Live right, eat right – naturally. Good light, fresh air, natural foods and healthy materials in your buildings, clothes and vehicles will all add up to a longer, more purposeful life minus the chemical off-gassing substances.

Keep things simple and remember that everything in moderation is good.  Once a week is better than once a day. Listen to music that feeds the soul, which will heal the body just as laughter has been known to do. Energy flow from the eight directions surrounds us no matter where we stand on the planet. Some directions are healthier than others are, as we all have different needs. Start mapping your own needs, giving yourself time everyday to heal. Attract positive energy by making your own corrections in favor of a more harmonious lifestyle with less ‘chatter’ in your mind. Pay attention to where you are happiest and to the surrounding colors, shapes and materials.

Since these ancient studies need to know where you are happiest, so they can truly reflect your personality and be aligned to your personal needs, be honest and list your needs. Remember the ayurveda rule, like increases like. For example… if you have a vata (air) constitution and you find your memory is not just poor but declining, you could be spending too much time in the Northwest realm, which belongs to the element air. If you are sleeping or working in this area, like increases like and leads to excess air-energy in the body. This interferes with your well-being.

Take a closer look at each space in your home or workspace. Does each area identify itself and speak to you by reflecting your personality? Or are you (so to speak) not in the picture? Is something amiss? You can read all the books you want, follow all the suggestions and make all the alterations, but if your home doesn’t ‘feel’ just right, then your health will suffer.

The mystical movement of energy is something we cannot see, but it has the most profound effect on the body as well as the home. Make your own personal list of your favorite… colors, shapes and products. You will soon learn if you are more comfortable living with wood floors or tile, white walls or green walls, floral fabrics or stripes, round or rectangle windows, etc. Make yourself a personal portfolio and collect pictures of what you find pleasing and would be comfortable living with, then try and duplicate your ‘likes’. Get rid of things you are not comfortable living with.

Over the years, we all change our opinions, needs and favorite items. Just as the weather changes from season to season, nothing ever stays the same forever. Pay attention to your health. It can tell you when it is time to refresh or change your surroundings. A change will alter the flow of energy within your space thereby aiding in preserving a healthy body.

~ Mallory ~ and thank you for sharing this with your friends, which is much appreciated. Ancient Secrets Cover-page0002


GRAVEYARD AUTOS… new photobook release

Graveyard Autos: During the time I was designing the interior of a beach house on the sunshine coast near Sechelt, I was asked to go on a hike into the forest of the big firs, and this is the time and place where we witnessed the remains of the Graveyard Autos. These are the pictures that I snapped during my visits to this place of wonder where spirits hover and heavy metal classics from 1930-1950 linger in ruin, fading into oblivion.
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NEW RELEASE… The Laundry Art Book (photo book)



My new book on travel, sites, colour, humour, fashion are all apart of .. a different point of view, regarding the cleansing of negative energy.

The photos taken in The Laundry Art Book are from all around the world where I found people hanging out their delicates for all to see. Their personals tell all about them, who they are, what they work at, what they like, their fashion sense, their passion for colour and status in life.

The beauty in dirty laundry, with its vibrant colours flying in the breeze enhances the landscape and removes the negative energy of the area, no different than flags. A form of cleaning the clutter from a bad day by letting the sun, wind and rain wash away and renew, in the view of starting anew… fresh day.

It’s all about fun. Stepping outside the box. Beauty is everywhere.

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