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Calendar Art 2018

2018 Whimsical Calendars         # 1 –           # 2 –   A whimsical calendar collection of photo-art from my hardcover books – online for your convenience, and are now ready to be shipped to you as calendars for 2018.  These unique calendars are a special gift for friends and family who […]

The Art of Laundry Hang-ups

Entertainment – Laundry Hang-Ups Art

  The Art of Laundry Hang-Ups is really a ‘fun schway’ photography book that can entertain you, put a smile on your face as well as tell the story of a lost art, laundry hang-ups. It actually wasn’t that long ago, that the majority of today’s parents grew up with a backyard full of clotheslines […]

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Summer Reading Enjoyment!

Relax and enjoy a variety of ‘summer reading’ … Novels Hot-Walker (crime sport novel following Canadian Horse Racing in the 1960s) and House of the Caduceus (mystery adventure during construction havoc of a healing retreat in Zeballos, British Columbia) are both action packed mystery, crime books inspired by true events. For more information and a look at […]

Space cleanse clear

How to Space Cleanse your home and office.

  Why to Space Cleanse your area….. Why Cleanse?First, let’s take a look at some background. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the North American population was exposed to large numbers of new technologies, new toys, new home decorating products and had more disposable income than ever before. The ‘uncluttered home’ of the past became filled with ‘things’. The […]

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Why the World is Interested in Ancient Studies!

Environmentally Friendly, Healing, Invigorating – Ancient Studies. It’s all about removing stagnant energy. Ancient traditions were once specific to ones culture, but over the last sixty years, these ancient studies have found worldwide application in all aspects of architecture. The sacred studies of Feng Shui in China, Vaastu in India and geomancy elsewhere have for […]

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Graveyard Autos 2017 Calendar

**     **   Photography  2017 Calendar “Graveyard Autos” 3rd edition (Mallory Neeve Wilkins) CLICK HERE  For more information ‘Authors Spotlight’ A unique collection 2017 calendar of ‘graveyard’ vehicles/autos found on the Pacific west coast in the big fir forest on the Sunshine coast. Most autos found were from 1930-1960. They were dumped years ago into […]

Feng Shui Small Space

How to update Small Spaces – Feng Shui

Feng Shui can Enhance Small Spaces. Real Estate is skyrocketing… again. Prices are on another 10 year cycle of climbing and crashing and the more this happens, owners look for alternatives. Today, smaller and smaller accommodations are on the rise. Downsizing is becoming ridiculous as 400 sq ft becomes the norm for studios and bachelor […]

Feng Shui Bobbis house

Basement Reno – Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui Basement Renovation In a world of rising real estate costs, there are a number of interior renovations happening throughout our country to compensate this and the space most considered is the basement renovation. Designing a functional, beautiful apartment or office can increase the value of the home as well as encourage higher rent. […]

Kitchen Island – Feng Shui

Amazing Kitchen Island! The kitchen is noted as the heart of the home. The ‘heart and soul’ is located in the ‘earth’ energy centre of the room. The island is found in the centre of the kitchen which is a room filled with negative energy from sharp corners/edges, boiling water, cutlery/knives (poison arrows), fire elements, […]

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One Click ebook Finder

Digital ebook Finder …makes it easy to select an ebook on your favourite ereader source whether it is Nook, Kindle, Kobo etc. This link makes it remarkably simple to click and buy or compare pricing on all the different bookstore links from one site. Check it out for two of my reference books on Feng […]

Book Trailer Ancient Secrets Feng Shui

Book Trailer – Ancient Secrets

The ‘Good Luck’ formula is available for all those interested in removing stagnant energy – Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home book trailer. Author-Feng Shui Designer Mallory Neeve Wilkins examines ‘Ancient Secrets for a Healthy Home’ from the teachings of Feng Shui in China and Vaastu Shastra in India. From sacred studies these countries have […]