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GRAVEYARD AUTOS… new photobook release

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Graveyard Autos: During the time I was designing the interior of a beach house on the sunshine coast near Sechelt, I was asked to go on a hike into the forest of the big firs, and this is the time and place where we witnessed the remains of the Graveyard Autos. These are the pictures that I snapped during my visits to this place of wonder where spirits hover and heavy metal classics from 1930-1950 linger in ruin, fading into oblivion.
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NEW RELEASE… The Laundry Art Book (photo book)

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My new book on travel, sites, colour, humour, fashion are all apart of .. a different point of view, regarding the cleansing of negative energy.

The photos taken in The Laundry Art Book are from all around the world where I found people hanging out their delicates for all to see. Their personals tell all about them, who they are, what they work at, what they like, their fashion sense, their passion for colour and status in life.

The beauty in dirty laundry, with its vibrant colours flying in the breeze enhances the landscape and removes the negative energy of the area, no different than flags. A form of cleaning the clutter from a bad day by letting the sun, wind and rain wash away and renew, in the view of starting anew… fresh day.

It’s about fun. Stepping outside the box. Beauty is everywhere.





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Creating a Calm Space.

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What does it take to create a ‘calm’ zen-feeling in your favourite room?

Although I have been working in the design/build industry for over 25 years, one of the most requested things asked of me, is to re-evaluate a client’s space using feng shui applications.  They are not interested in new purchases, renovating or decorating, but are feeling a need for change without a huge expense.  There may be a specific area in their personal life which needs ‘correction’. By recommending alterations, the flow of energy will change.  There may be a need to improve  their health, relationship or career among other things.

website 002 (1024x911)

 More often than not, the problem is that the flow of energy is being blocked by objects and  unable to reach the occupant, or by the time it does, it could have turned from positive to negative because of the many interruptions (objects) in the way of its meandering path. By taking a closer look at the example photograph, we can see that to create a smoother flow of healing energy, there must be ‘less’ to keep the ch’i flowing smoothly.

Starting with the flooring, you can see the hardwood, a large carpet topped with a smaller rug. This is too much, too busy and needs to be reduced so it does not slow down the flow.

The fabric on the corner wing-chair is matching the drapes, which is an excellent idea, but looking over at the sofa, there are too many pillows in several different patterns or materials creating erratic energy.

The throw on the arm of the sofa should be removed. It is not that these items are wrong, it is that they are introducing ‘more’ instead of ‘less’. The less number of objects in a room, or the less number of colours/patterns will allow the energy to stay positive … with less items to ‘hit’ on its way to the occupant. Everything (objects) in the path of the flow, reduces its strength from positive to negative, as if each item that the energy bumps into will bruise it, or reduce its healing ability by weakening it. You may not see the flow of energy, just as you cannot see electricity or the wind, but you know it exists.

As you can see, there is an ottoman upholstered in yet another pattern/colour. To create a healthy home, calm and zen-like, less is best.

There are too many piles of books on the end-table/stools at each side of the sofa, and on the trunk (coffee table)  all in the way of the meandering flow. It is recommended that 3 items on a table is ample, as there should be 50% clear space on all flat surfaces.

As for the bookcase, colour co-ordinate the covers so all the whites sit together vertically and horizontally. (Keep the colours together, the same as you should do in your clothes closet; colour co-ordination). This bookcase appears too cluttered when mixed. There also needs to be space on the shelves so the energy can meander in and out of the area. A mixture of textures, (wood, ceramic, metal, etc) is a good thing.

The above recommendations are for improvements in one’s life when a correction is needed.  Even changing the position of the artwork on your walls can alter the flow of healing energy.

~ Mallory ~

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Author: Ancient Secrets of a Healing Home (coming soon)
Fun Schway, the House Dressing way


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Living With Positive Energy.

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website 001 (1024x922)
2014 … we are literally in an age of change, and are feeling the need to be surrounded by  nice things, good friends, healthy environment and positive energy. This is a topic that presents itself in the willingness to consult with others and research for the ‘best’ you can find in just about everything that comes your way.  The point is … you know when you don’t want to go into a certain restaurant to eat, or purchase a specific item or even a home … your reason is that ‘it doesn’t feel right’ and you just don’t like its energy. It doesn’t resonate with you. But, why … for what reason? And so we ask ….

It lacks balance. There is no harmony, comfort or visual appeal. It is lacking good feng shui. The importance is that all healing comes from within you and from within your environment. You can ‘hold on’ to success or ‘attract it’ when the energy of your environment is in balance, and then your creativity flows, your health improves, and medications react differently. Anyone can read another book, take another pill, walk another mile, but if your personal space is lacking, then you are not receiving the maximum benefit of it all which can affect your relationships, career, health and prosperity.

The photo in the example is showing a room that is bottom heavy in colour,  therefore lacking balance.  Correction?  The photo frames would be more in keeping if they were in a dark colour which would improve the room’s energy.

Notice the lack of the ‘life’ element. There is no sign of it. Greenery is an important element (wood) to every room, as it helps eliminate toxins from the off-gassing of the surrounding materials which encourage poor health. It can be added in the form  of artwork, fabrics or plants/flowers as well as wooden sculptures.

Sharp edges also ‘cut’ the flow of meandering positive energy within a space. Notice the ‘corner’ of the brick wall. This ‘point’ is aiming right onto the back of the person who sits in the sofa. Also, the sharp corners around the window (fire element) also aim at the person who sits on the sofa.  This ‘negative’ can be reduced or softened with the addition of  floor plants behind the sofa. Round leaves on plants are better than sharp edges.  All these ‘sharp’ edges are referred to as ‘poison arrows’ in the study of feng shui and you should be aware of them within your space.

There are five shapes to include in your awareness of feng shui … living in harmony with your environment … round/oval; vertical; horizontal; square/rectangle and meandering. These shapes combined within the overall visual will encourage the flow of mystical, positive energy.

Whenever ‘things’ in your life are not going your way, or are not the best they can be … then change in your environment is required. This ‘change’ of altering and removing or adding … will shift the flow of ch’i (energy) and corrections will follow.

~ Mallory ~
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Author:  Fun Schway, the North American way










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West Coast Vanities with mountain-cut backsplash!

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Being unique in your bathroom or laundry room renovation can be cutting-edge (literally) when creating new and unique designs.

Consider the mountain-cut options for granite, marble or other solid surfaces.  One of my favourite applications when looking for an ‘out of the ordinary’ counter top backsplash is the application of high wall-mount slabs on mirror or drywall.

This delicate procedure takes an installer with an incredible talent, sharp instruments and an eye for design and understanding of his  product and its fragile veins to produce this totally unique West coast look.

DSC05422Granite backslash S-bath 1

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