2016 Calendars

2016 The Laundry Art Calendar By Mallory Neeve Wilkins View this Author’s Spotlight Calendar January 2016 (12 Months) Whimsical photographic art 2016 calendar. Preview   List Price: $25.00 Price: $18.75 You Save: $6.25 ( 25% ) Ships in 3–5 business days   With a touch of whimsy, The Art of Laundry Hang-Ups Calendar takes a photographic look at people’s personal… Read more →

Shadows within your Environment

Shadows throughout the home and exterior are with us everywhere, everyday as whimsical reminders to be aware of your image. The way you treat your home is a direct reflection of how others treat you. Good fun schway! Mirror Image – lighting within Interior Design Illusion… Mirror Reflection… Shadows. Water-energy in the home is from reflected surfaces which can attract… Read more →

Giveaway Contest

Enter #AmazonGiveway Now… it ends in a few days. Here’s your chance to click and win your FREE book  from #AmazonGiveaway in paperback. Filled with amazing ideas, concepts, guidelines and hints, this giveaway will  enhance better health in a healthier environment. Change the energy ~ change your life! Feng Shui developed from the Book of Changes – the ‘ I Ching ‘… Read more →

Gifts, My Books.

WHERE TO BUY  book gifts… Enjoy the warm summer days. Put your feet up and lay back. Enjoy a cool refreshing drink and drift back into the pages of Hot-Walker Life on the Fast Track during the turbulent 1960s. A time of growing up where ‘anything goes’. A time when ‘murder trial shocks Toronto community.’ Give the best – gifts and… Read more →

My Book Bio

 Mallory Neeve Wilkins’ Book Bio For over thirty years I have been writing about interior design, feng shui and mystery novels and have listed them on my Bookshelf. This has been a passion that goes back along time ago. When I was 11, I wrote a novella based on the ‘Spin & Marty’ episodes on the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’. My… Read more →

Blog Writers Writing about Work

Writing About Work or Your Passion. I am addicted, or should I say passionate, about my work, design; my writing and my photography hobbies. No different than anyone else who enjoys their work, I like to talk about it, but if no one is there to listen, then I write about it. Working in the design/build industry for many years… Read more →

Special-Needs Kitchens

Special People have Kitchen Needs. Working out the details for a functional space  that accommodates all the special  needs for people with ‘special needs’ takes on a new meaning for the interior designer. Specializing in feng shui has definitely helped in difficult situations where a sense of balance is required in creating accessible storage. Not only do cabinets have to… Read more →


Expresso Publishing for Print-on-Demand Writers

Store Front Expresso Publishing. Recently, I took an informative tour of the Espresso publishing copier/machine at Victoria University Bookstore. This amazing publishing tool has your manuscript printed in 6 minutes as a bound book, ready for reading or selling. Self publishers will truly benefit from this technology when attending book clubs or book signings. It wont be long before we see these… Read more →

“House of the Caduceus” ANNOUNCEMENT

 “House of the Caduceus” The Mystical & Tragic Events of Building the House of the Caduceus ~ now available online. ISBN 978 1483509488  A mystery novel – High in the mountains near Zeballos  Vancouver Island, one of  Canada’s most difficult and  dangerous  construction feats develop when a group of  young professionals  encounter a dynamic meeting of Eastern  and Western cultures.… Read more →